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Jan 29, 2020

Ashley and Kari head to Antalya, Turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving and get their medical tourism on. The ladies kick it off with some Botox and fillers, at around a 75% discount on what they’d spend in the US or Amsterdam. 

Kari’s spent several months over the last year in Antalya, and she and Nico play host to a crew of six friends for the holiday. 

Sourcing a Turkey in Turkey turned out to be a surprisingly difficult endeavor, and the ladies visit a sketchy theme park. Ashley leaves her dog, Djoko, in the hands of a pet sitter she found on while she’s in Turkey. She’s such a fan, TrustedHousitters is now sponsoring the podcast (use coupon code Workationing10 to save 10% on your annual membership!). 

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