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Mar 8, 2017

This is a special episode for the ladies, and the people who love them. The Yarlap is a medical device that strengthens the pelvic floor, and in addition to helping to cure urinary incontinence it may or may not result in some of the best orgasms in your life. The ladies had never seen a contraption like this before, and you probably haven’t either.

Before leaving for Workation Kari was given TWO Yarlaps by [REDACTED], one for her and one for Kelly. This episode was originally part of Ep 3 (We Made it to Aguada!), but was edited out because it was a topic and risque.

After sharing info about the Yarlap around, however, K&K received so much feedback from their female friends who claim to NEED this device, it was decided this Yarlap episode should see the light of day after all.

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