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Apr 14, 2017

Medellín is a spicy place, and in the next two episodes Kelly and Kari are bringing the heat – starting with mild and building up to burn-your-face-off-and-put-it-in-a-barrel-in-a-chop-shop. The Gringas start off by explaining the constant undertone of misogyny that taints the local flavor of Medellín, then get into the killer style (shoutout to the return of 90s body suits!).

There are ancient trees growing in the center of gorgeous shopping malls, circus-level entertainment at stoplights and truly amazing food at incredible prices relative to the US. The ladies discuss their favorite (and least favorite) restaurant experiences in town, which include a prom night nightmare and very, very weird bathrooms.

The rednecks back home are going to be EXTREMELY interested in hearing about tejo, the national sport of Colombia. Think cornhole, but with explosives and even more drinking. Lawn darts better watch their back, because tejo is coming for their kill count.

The Gringas get into why you should always carry more cash than you think you might need, as well as where you can source both Chicklets and cocaine at once.

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